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       Naxi is located in the southern edge of Sichuan, the Yangtze River and Yongning River Interchange, because the Three Kingdoms period "Nadong out of this river," named, also known as "Yunxi", "Heiner Sea" meaning. Southern Song Li Zong Shao Ding five years (AD 1232) Jianxian, in 1996 to withdraw the county area, covers an area of about 1150 square kilometers, administer 12 towns, 3 streets, population 500,000, enjoy the "best eco-tourism demonstration in China "China's famous wine village", "China's famous tea village", "China's famous tea town", "China's famous tea town", "National Ecological Civilization advanced area" "Chinese characteristics Zhuxiang" "China Folk culture and art town "," China's people's livelihood construction hundred strong areas, "" China's most beautiful health leisure travel area "and other reputation.

        Naxi South high north low, Pingba, hills, both low mountains, elevation between 230 ~ 963.2 meters, the highest point in the whole town in the town of Pu Shan Shan clay rock. Naxi District has two stripes, are east and west direction. A cross across the middle of the area, the East from the Hejiang entry, the town through the white town of Dawang, angel town Le Deng, Dadukou town and abundance to the direction of Jiang An extension of 500 meters above sea level, the eastern higher than the west, the territory of 40 More than a thousand meters; a cross the area south of the ancient town, on the town, together town, winding more than 30 kilometers, 450 meters above sea level. There are more than 130 river streams, the total length of 640 km. The Yangtze River flows through the area 25.1 kilometers, the Dadukou town, the new town, Naxi city into Jiangyang. Yongning River is the largest tributary of the Yangtze River, extending through the central region, launched, protect the country, dam, angel, urban area into the Yangtze River, the territory of 50.1 km long flow.

        Naxi territory peaks, streams vertical and horizontal, patchwork of topography, Yishanbangshui ecological environment, rich rich resource endowment, constitute a beautiful landscape picture. The highest mountain - hit the ancient town of Purple Mountain by the Ming dynasty champion Yang Sheng'an title. Yongning River as the region's largest tributary of the Yangtze River, winding, quiet and beautiful, since ancient times, "the river" reputation. National AAAA level scenic area angel cave mountain ups and downs, terrain, the mountain to the temple as the core, with the country's only white marble five hundred Lohan Church.